World Dishes, what is it ?

This is a mobile application for the purpose of finding restaurants that advocate the quality and the transparency of their dishes.

What is really in my plate at the restaurant ?
Many of your clients are wondering. And what if you revealed them the content of your dishes while keeping your Chief's secrets ?
World Dishes allows you to guarentee the quality of your dishes through a mobile application. Vegan, dietary, or even gluten-free, World Dishes proposes many filters according to the eating habits, but also according to the type of cuisine. A full transparency in order to turn your restaurant into a recommended restaurant.
Because today, be a part of healthy process is an obviousness, join the World Dishes adventure !


Take your time and choose in advance what you want!


No more deciphering menu titles, each ingredient is detailed!


The dishes are fresh, canned, frozen, organic, gluten-free or vegetarian ... You know everything!


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They trust us

World-Dishes will update the restaurant menu soon

Discover the location of each restaurant using the zoom on the map.


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